Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Google+ Hangout with Professor Derek Mowbray discussing stress in the NHS

I recently recorded this Google+ Hangout with Professor Derek Mowbray. We were discussing stress in the NHS, a topic we both have a strong professional interest in.

Last week, I set up a project last week called Tackling Stress in the NHS where you can get get involved if you're interested in this issue. Stress is a big and complex problem for the NHS with many causes and a number of solutions with potential to make a real difference.

Derek was heavily involved in developing the NHS Manager's Code of Conduct, which was launched in 2012 in association with the Institute for Healthcare Management. The aim of the Code is to facilitate Positive Work Cultures in NHS organizations, preventing work-related stress and promoting wellbeing and performance.

The video is quite long, about 25 minutes, but well worth watching if you're at all interested in issues around stress in the NHS. (You can three shorter videos specifically about the NHS Managers Code on this page.)

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Tackling Stress in the NHS launched

Yesterday, I took the first steps in what is going to be a major project, Tackling Stress in the NHS. (you can register for updates here)

It's an ambitious project to say the least. The NHS is a huge organization and stress is a big problem in the NHS, with high levels of stress-related absence and presenteeism. My experience (and available data) suggests this is having major human impacts on staff at all levels: on managers, doctors, nurses, support staff, ancillary staff, everyone.

It's not a trivial task to tackle this problem I know, but it's surely worth the effort. We already know there's a substantial return-on-investment from such activity. I intend to use the skills I have to do something about it; to raise awareness and help NHS organizations and their staff prevent and reduce stress. I certainly can't do it on my own, so I'm in discussion with professional colleagues to see what can be done.
Prof Derek Mowbray

One expert I'm already working with on this project is Professor Derek Mowbray. I've known and worked with Derek for many years. He's done more than anyone else I know to make a difference to stress in the NHS having developed the NHS Managers Code back in 2010.

What I've done so far is set up Google+ and Facebook pages and a YouTube channel. As I write this (10th Feb 2015), no videos have been uploaded to YouTube but that will change very soon.

I'll be setting up conferences and regional roadshow events, which will kick off in October 2015

I'll also be working with Derek and others to promote existing tools and develop some new tools and resources. New interventions will include a range of training courses and train-the-trainer. 

If you want to get involved, I've set up a web page with an overview of the project where you can find links to useful resources and social media channels. You can also sign up for regular updates.