About this blog

I started this blog in February 2014.

I spend most of my professional life as a Business Psychologist speaking to people about about stress and resilience. Inevitably therefore, a lot of posts have a stress management theme. I hope these stress-themed posts convey some useful tips for the reader, perhaps with a bit of wit and wisdom thrown in.

Stress management is also my business and has been for nearly 20 years. I've made just about every  business and marketing mistake possible, but overall I've loved being in business and gained a passionate interest in business development in the process. To a large extent I am my business. Hence, business and business development will definitely be covered in my posts.

I'm based in Scotland but I work all across the UK and occasionally in Europe. As a result, I travel a lot, mostly by public transport. Travel experience (the pleasure and the pain!) features heavily in my blog posts.

As this is my personal blog, it reflects me; my experience (including my own stress), my opinions and my thoughts. So I'd like to apologize here for all the mistakes I will inevitably make.

If my reflections can benefit readers in some way, that would be great.

Thanks for visiting and checking out my blog.