Thursday 5 March 2015

Flipboard and Udemy: Two great web tools for business development

I launched an online magazine this week called "Stress News". You can see it here. I described it as: 
"An online magazine devoted to stress management including: stress news, stress videos, stress blogs, stress management techniques and the latest stress research." At the moment, it has 15 articles.
I made it with an app called Flipboard, which I discovered from taking a Udemy course on YouTube. It makes it super-easy to put together an online magazine. You can add pretty much any media using an add-on called "flip-it".

A 'heads-up' if you fancy producing your own online magazine (which seems to me a good business development idea for any professional or business niche and perfect for psychologists) - To use the app and the 'flip-it' add-on for building your magazine, you need to use the Chrome browser. I don't think it works with other browsers at this time. However you can view online magazines on any browser.
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I mentioned Udemy. It's a wonderful resource and I intend to use it more and more. I urge you to take a look at it. Udemy is a website where you can access all kinds of online, video-based training. There are courses on all kinds of stuff, with both free and paid courses you can access.

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 Why might you find Udemy useful?

3 main ways. Firstly, it's great for learning. I am currently on a steep learning curve with YouTube, which has been transformed by Google recently. I found a great course on this, which has been incredibly helpful.

But you can also become an Instructor and upload your own courses. I have a load of training material and courses, which I intend to develop in Udemy format (video and text) so that I can upload and sell them on Udemy. A bit of work obviously (well OK, a lot of work), but you only need to do it once and then you'll have ongoing, additional income streams. Very useful for business psychologists (like me) - in fact anyone who develops and delivers training.

Some persuasive stats? Udemy currently has over 5 million students searching for stuff to learn and 13 million course enrollments. You can promote you own Udemy courses once developed, but Udemy will promote your stuff too and students can find your courses through their search engine. If Udemy finds you students, they take a cut, which seems fair enough to me.

The third way you can benefit is via Udemy's affiliate program, which is on the linkshare affiliate network. Then you can generate income from promoting other people's courses. Other affiliates can make money too promoting your courses.

All in all, worth looking into.

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