Monday 17 February 2014

Just Start...

I have proved that I can procrastinate with the best of them. I was going to start this blog in early January and here we are in February, well past Valentines Day...

In my mind I've come up with several excuses for not starting, none of which are really legitimate. The real reason? I know to make a blog a success (which for me would be to have people interested in what I've got to say, get a following, and maybe even have people do something as a result) takes a lot of work. Ongoing commitment over the longer term is required.

I have a good feeling for the size of the task. It was the same with running events. To get results, you have to run a lot of them in a lot of different locations, and events are very hard work. Especially when you are the organizer and the main entertainment.

If you want to get anywhere, or build anything worthwhile, or make a change, you have to start.

So, here we are, the first blog post. I've started. Finally.

Just start. (Then keep going. And see what happens.)